Inside the Student Experience at Catholic High Schools

Inside the Student Experience at Catholic High Schools

So you’re thinking about attending a Catholic High School, but you’re not sure if it’s the right decision for you. Will you enjoy the classes? Will you bond with classmates? Will your schooling prepare you for the future?

To get to the bottom of it and answer your questions, we interviewed two current local Catholic high school senior to share their views. What better way to explain the Catholic high school experience than from someone who has experienced it first-hand?


Q: What made you choose your current high school?

Lola, ’19: I was following in my sister’s footsteps, who also attended here, so it was the obvious choice. I could not have been happier with this decision. I love the teachers, students, and community as a whole.

Patrick, ’19: I chose this school because of the feeling I got that no matter what your background or who you were, you were accepted as a brother into the community.


Q: Which school tradition are you most proud of?

Lola, ’19: The tradition I’m most proud of is Spirit Week, because I get to discover things about people that I never knew. You see people that are comfortable in their own skin and proud of themselves. I love experiencing everyone’s creativity.

Patrick, ’19: I’m most proud of is the retreats. They all offer opportunities to make new friends and connect with your peers on a deeper level. They help to form the brotherhood and community.

Canisius High School

Q: How has your high school prepared you for the next step?

Lola, ’19: School has more than prepared me for the next step in my life. I am not afraid of going to college because I have developed strong study habits and have learned to manage my classes along with me sports and extracurricular interests. The wide variety of classes here has helped to open my eyes to fields of study that I never knew existed.

Patrick, ’19: I have learned to manage my time and get what I need to get done, even when I have a busy schedule. This year, I am taking five AP courses and playing volleyball in the fall. I would have never been able to take on that many courses if I wasn’t prepared, but because of this school, I know I can take on the challenge.


Q: What goals do you have for your future?

Lola, ’19: My goals for the future are to be happy doing what I am doing, and to spread that happiness to others. I am not decided on my career, as of yet.

Patrick, ’19: The goals I have for my future are to go to college and find what I love to do.


Q: When you look back on this school in later years, what will you remember most?

Lola, ’19: I will remember the way my teachers made me feel. Everyone in the building, from current teachers to past teachers, all want you to be the best you can be and to succeed. The teachers here are willing to talk to you about anything, and will help you with any situation or problem you may have.

Patrick, ’19: I will definitely remember my friends the most. I will also remember my immersion trip experience in Cincinnati where we lived in poverty, served at food kitchens, and met and talked with people.

St. Mary’s High School

Q: How have you changed since your freshman year?

Lola, ’19: I believe I have grown and matured in the way I handle situations and people.

Patrick, ’19: I used to be very shy. I would only talk to people if it was necessary. Since then, I have grown out of my shell and met some of my best friends. I am more open to introducing myself and meeting new people.


Q: Describe your high school experience in three words.

Lola, ’19: Community, feminism, vigorous

Patrick, ’19: Brotherhood, influencing, lively


Q: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

Lola, ’19: Don’t be afraid to do what you want to do. Do not join a sports team because your friend wants you to but do it because YOU want to. Be yourself.

Patrick, ’19: Just be yourself. Don’t try to act cool or do stupid things for attention. No one cares about that stuff. Apply yourself and make new friends, and be willing to accept others into your groups. We are a brotherhood here, not defined by the “cliques” like other high schools. High school is what you make of it, it’s no one else’s future but yours. Oh, and just do your homework. It’s not that hard.


Well there are you have it — an inside glimpse at the welcoming communities inside our catholic high schools. Be sure to attend an upcoming open house to find the right fit for you!

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