4 Cornerstones of Our School Community

4 Cornerstones of Our School Community

At Catholic High Schools of WNY, we know that times are tough. But in our school community, we’re rallying around our students, teachers, family, and staff to persevere. Together, we are accepting new challenges and adapting to new circumstances. Together, we are supporting environments that foster shared experiences, meaningful connections, and academic achievements.

Here are just a few ways we’re fulfilling our rich traditions and living up to our legacy:

  1. Interaction

We understand and appreciate the value of social interaction. At all 10 of our schools, we are creating safe and healthy opportunities for students to experience the social interaction they deserve. We are putting our teachers and staff in the best position to connect with each other, our students, and our families. We are leveraging the strength of our school community to stay focused and move forward.

  1. Mentorship

At Catholic High Schools of WNY, there’s no shortage of opportunities to grow as both an intellectual and as an individual. Whether you’re a new transfer or third-generation private school student, you have the benefit of learning from dedicated teachers who:

  • Are experts in their field
  • Believe in your ability
  • Are dedicated to your success
  • Prepare you for the future

Student-centered learning is paramount, and personalized education is a given.

  1. Lifelong connections

When you attend a Catholic High School of WNY, you’re joining a brotherhood or sisterhood that will last a lifetime. Right now, you might be making friendships, developing relationships, or learning about yourself and your peers as you grow up together.

But in four years, 10 years, or 25 years from now, you could leverage these very same connections to meet new people and seize new opportunities that change your life forever. Attending a private school isn’t just a part of growing up—it’s a part of living your life to the fullest. 

  1. Family

Last but not least, family is a cornerstone of our school community. To support the physical and mental wellness of every student during these uncertain times (and beyond), we’ve developed an emotional support system of guidance counselors and psychologists who work alongside students, communicate with families, and facilitate the safest environment for continued success.

In other words, our commitment to the progress and prosperity of our students relies on the values we share with parents, guardians, and alumni in our community. We invite you and your family to join us!

Are you interested in learning more about our schools? Please contact any of our admissions departments to find out about in-person and virtual events! And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Entrance & Scholarship Exam on November 21, 2020.